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Researching Security Stacks That Best Suit You


I have some exciting news! ADDP Tech is currently in the research phase of easy to use security tool recommendations to help protect your data with small home/small office networks. This company will be looking into firewalls, community recommended malware protection software, defense strategies, and more. If you also have a recommendation for security stacks that you want me to explore, feel free to reach out to me here: This is a fast growing industry with many options available, therefore, I want you to be comfortable with the choice that fits.      



Protecting our Virtual Reality

The ability to protect ourselves seems like a never-ending battle. We must always consider defensive measures for each flagship end-user device - including VR headsets. Virtual Reality has brought us to a new world, sometimes filled with scary possibilities. It's okay to enjoy different entertainment impact on society, but this new vector has become a playground for threat actors. Recently, on YouTube, we've heard some questionable stories of bad situations in rooms hidden away from the public inside of free online access virtual reality games such as 'VR Chat.' Attackers can keep track of user profiles through information such as 'IP addresses,' which are public addresses connecting your devices to the internet, or MAC addresses, identifying your device individually. We at ADDP Tech have developed methods for sideloading Virtual Private Networks designed to mask your IP address or sideload Anti-Virus. APK software files onto the VR headsets. With us, you can have peace of mind knowing that stalkers or malware will not reach your systems easily. Read more about siding loading applications to VR on my Hive Blog:



Welcome to ADDP

To celebrate our new arrival on the market, we're offering I.T. services, defense measures, connectivity configuration, virtual reality utilities, peripheral installation, and more. Stay in touch with the latest in technology and digital security on this page.

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